Cycle Against the Beast – Day 16 (Benalla to Shepparton)

I left this morning, just before 10:00, after being glued to the TV news – another terrorist attack in the UK (this time, London). Having spent four years, living in the UK (Manchester), these two recent attacks (Manchester and London) definitely felt too close to home (not sure how to say otherwise).

After a brief start on paved roads, the next 15km more mostly spent on dirt roads. And, I must say, I quite liked it! For some reason, progress seemed a bit faster.

Kealy Road, Benalla
Kealy Road, Benalla

Goomalibee Road, Goomalibee
Goomalibee Road, Goomalibee

Goomalibee Road, Goomalibee
Goomalibee Road, Goomalibee

It was a shame, when the dirt roads gave way to tarmac. Riding on those roads was fantastic, and it was as quiet as anything – not a car for miles.

Tarnook Road, Goomalibee
Rejoining the tarmac, at Tarnook Road, Goomalibee

A couple of kilometres later, it was time to join the A300 – the Midland Highway. This road would be my home for the rest of the day.

Midland Highway (A300) and Tarnook Road, Stewarton
Midland Highway (A300) and Tarnook Road, Stewarton

The rest of the day was pretty mundane. But at least the road had a pretty decent shoulder to ride along.

A300 Midland Highway, 24km away from Shepparton
Not too far from the end of another day’s cycling

Tomorrow, it’s off to Seymour. Once there, it’s only another 100 km to the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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Date 4th June, 2017
Distance 63.2 km
Ride time 3 hours, 37 minutes
Elapsed time 5 hours, 22 minutes
Average speed 17.5 km/h
Maximum speed 31 km/h
Altitude gain (alleged) 38 metres

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