Day 0 : Purple and Pink Ride – The Day Before

This morning, I took a quick trip, out to Sydney Olympic Park, to pay a visit to Spotless Stadium. The home of the Sydney Thunder and the GWS Giants. It is also the starting point of my Purple and Pink Ride. This a bicycle ride, from Sydney to Melbourne, to raise funds and awareness for Epilepsy Australia and the McGrath Foundation. I intend to take two weeks, arriving at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on the 30th of September – the day before the AFL Grand Final. For the overview of the ride, I wrote an earlier post about it.

While I was visiting the stadium, I shot a video.

This is the first long distance bicycle ride that I’ve done. I’m quite excited about it, and looking forward to the challenge! But, above all, I’m hoping that I can generate a little money for these two charities. Please consider giving. And, if you’re an Aussie taxpayer, donations of $2, and over, are tax deductible.

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