Below are links to some of my favourite travel blogs & websites that I love keeping track of!

Bicycle bloggers & tourers:
Arctic Cycler (First blog entry)
Budgie Escapee (First blog entry)
Cycling Around the World (First blog entry)
Cycling the Globe (First blog entry)
Jeremy Scott (No blog)
Marge on a Bike – From Canada to Argentina (First blog entry)
Pikes on Bikes (First blog entry)
Riding Cyclette (First blog entry)
Twisting Spokes (First blog entry)

Other travel bloggers:
Buddy the Traveling Monkey (First blog entry)
The Kay Days (First blog entry)
Plus Ultra (First blog entry)
Travel with G (First blog entry)

Other travel websites.
The Adventure Junkies
Palin’s Travels
Pedal Buddies
The Man in Seat 61

Fight MND

Other websites.
Veechoy: Virginia Choy was happy enough to turn my logo sketches into reality! Virginia is a graduate of Sydney’s University of Technology. She has worked with people from a variety of industry groups – a toy company, a youth organisation, independent music artist, and an environmental sustainability company

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  1. […] I started to find myself reading travel blogs of those who are, or had, pedalling around the world, such as Thomas’ Cycling the Globe, and Jin’s Cycling around the World – now my two favourite blogs. To see some other cycling blogs I follow, check out my Links page. […]


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