The Three Sisters, Katoomba

The Three Sisters to Penrith

After finally throwing off my cold, though I still have my annoying cough, combined with fantastic weather, I decided to take a ride from Katoomba to Penrith. It was a relatively easy ride. Though, being quite out of form, some short uphill stretches were quite a challenge. But you have to start somewhere!

Here are a few photos that I took today.

Katoomba - The Three Sisters
Katoomba – The Three Sisters

Bullaburra - A new carriageway, all to myself!
Bullaburra – A new carriageway, all to myself!

Hazelbrook - New overhead footway
Hazelbrook – New overhead footway

Bulls Camp - A rest stop
Bulls Camp – A rest stop



Blaxland - An essential stop at Macca's!
Blaxland – An essential stop at Macca’s!

After leaving Blaxland, I didn’t stop again to take any further photographs. Being near the shortest day of the year, and without lights on my bike, I needed to get back home before it became dark.

Date 6th June, 2015
Distance 50.9 km
Ride time 2 hours, 13 minutes
Elapsed time 3 hours, 5 minutes
Average speed 23 km/h
Maximum speed 61.6 km/h
Altitude gain (alleged) 368 metres


  1. Maaike (Travellous World)

    8th June, 2015 at 06:02

    The Three Sisters look incredible!


    • Stephen

      8th June, 2015 at 06:05

      They are! Suffice to say, they’re probably the biggest tourist attraction in the Blue Mountains. 🙂


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