15th April, 2024
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A bicycle ride of two halves – one week to go!

In one week today, I’m setting off on a 5,000 km bicycle ride! Someone asks from the audience, “Has the route changed again?” Another in the audience asks, “If so, is the new route overseas again?” I’ll answer the first question first. Yes, the route has changed again! And this has nothing to do with the Western Australian border being reopened on the 3rd of March. I’ve ruled out cycling to Western Australia, based on their state government’s record of announcing reopening dates and then reneging on them. To answer the second question, no and yes. The first half of my ride will be in Australia. The second half will be in the United Kingdom. It is a ride of two halves.

Part I: Sydney to Melbourne

Part I starts from South Cronulla Beach, in the southern Sydney suburb of Cronulla, on the 26th of February. This half is just over 2,700 km. In the second week of my ride, I will be joining a group of (I believe) 100+ other cyclists taking part in a charity ride for FightMND through the Riverina region of New South Wales, starting at Temora, on the 6th of March, and ending in Ariah Park, on the 12th of March. My overall ride is for the same charity. After leaving them, I’ll be continuing on my way through to Victoria and finish this half at Federation Square, in the heart of Melbourne, on the 31st of March.

Part II: Kyle of Lochalsh to Buckingham Palace

Part II starts at Kyle of Lochalsh, in the highlands of Scotland, on the 7th of April. It will be the first time I’ve cycled (let alone bicycle toured) outside of Australia. So, this will be a new experience. After making my way down through Scotland, then the North (including Manchester, my home for four years) and the Midlands of England, it’s through to Cardiff in Wales, then the South regions of England. On the 31st of May, I cycle up The Mall to finish outside Buckingham Palace.

Is there a way to track where you’re going?

Yes! By clicking on this link. Alternatively, click on the ‘Where am I?’ link at the top of the page.

Why am I doing this ride?

As well as for fun (why do it otherwise?), I’m cycling for my favourite charity, FightMND. They are an Australian charity leading the fight against the evil Beast of a disease called MND – Motor Neurone Disease (also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease). It is a progressive nervious system disease that attacks the neurones in your brain that allows you to move, breath, and so on. You become a prisoner in your own body, but your mind remains alert. There are no effective treatments and there is no cure. Life extectancy is typically around two years from diagnosis. It is a nasty disease. To donate, please go to:

https://hub.fightmnd.org.au/pedal-cure-4-fightmnd-2022/cycle-against-the-beast-2022 (or https://donate.rtw.bike for short).

Alternatively, scan the QR code below:

Any amount, large or small, helps!

Please consider giving. Any amount, large or small, helps. Please share this link with family, friends, work colleagues, social media, anywhere – even if you’re not in a position to donate. The more exposure, the better! Do you want to know what happens with the donations you make? Please take a look at the video below.

Fight MND is the public face of the Cure for MND foundation – a not-for-profit charity foundation established in 2014. Their aim is to raise the profile of Motor Neurone Disease within Australia and abroad in the hopes that increased awareness may lead to not only better care for those affected by the disease, but also increased funding for vital research into finding a cure. Fight MND are at the forefront of funding MND research in Australia.

A registered charity (ACNC: 62740350704), the Cure For MND Foundation is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) with full DGR (deductible gift recipient) status. All donations over $2 to the foundation are fully tax deductible to Australian taxpayers.

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