18th June, 2024
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A four day ride.

** Due to scorchingly hot weather over the weekend, this ride will now not be going ahead. **

From the 27th to the 30th of November, provided that the weather is ok (ie: not pouring rain or scorchingly hot), I plan to set off on a four day ride from Greta (up past Maitland) to North Strathfield. I’ve decided to do this for a couple of reasons. A: I’m itching to get out on the road again, even if it is for just a handful of days. B: To do a bit of filming, so I can test out my video camera and drone (as well as getting used to doing that) and so I can put together a little promo video for my bigger ride in March to May.

Out of the planned 300 km, I’ve only ridden about 60 km of it previously. So, most of it will be places I’ve never been through before – let alone cycled. And that’s what travel is all about – seeing places you’ve never seen before, and occasionally revisiting old places.

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