15th July, 2024
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A Lazy Afternoon Out

Yesterday, I had planned on getting up fairly early. I had intended to get to the polling booth early (just after they open at 08:00), to vote in the federal election. However, instead, I didn’t get up until some time after 10:00, and then had a few things to attach to my bike. By the time I set off, it was after 11:00. So, I just spent a couple of hours riding around a bit.

North Strathfield (12:43)
6.74 km
18.2 km/h
2nd July, 2016

This time, though, I decided to video the outbound leg of my ride. Below is the YouTube video. It is totally raw and unedited. So, please forgive the non-professional nature of it.

I didn’t video the return leg. Instead, I opted for a couple of photos.

Leichhardt (14:57)
10.15 km
15.6 km/h
North Strathfield (16:03)
2nd July, 2016
Part of the Bay Run course.
People playing soccer.

My training plan isn’t going as planned, as I haven’t cycled as much as I had liked. I set off for Melbourne, in just under 11 weeks (17th of September, at 07:00, from Spotless Stadium). However, it still is 11 weeks! I am taking a week off, in August, to do nothing but ride my bike – by the end of that week, I intend to be riding it fully loaded.

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