Announcing Cycle Against the Beast 2, for FightMND – October, 2019

by Stephen
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Back in May/June, 2017, I did my first ‘Cycle Against the Beast’ ride, cycling from Sydney to Melbourne for FightMND. I am now planning ‘Cycle Against the Beast 2’.

The famous Twelve Apostles.

Again, I will be cycling from Sydney to Melbourne. But, this time, a less direct route. I originally decided that I will finish the ride in Warrnambool. But I decided I’d take it through to Melbourne. After all, it’s only another three days riding! In total, a fantastic 2000 km to look forward to! And, hopefully, camping will be the standard accommodation for this ride. 🙂

This will be my last long bike ride, before I take ‘Cycle Against the Beast’ around the world in 2021.

More information about ‘Cycle Against the Beast 2’ will follow in time. 🙂

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