12th July, 2024
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Trip Planning

This category covers trip planning, whether it be for bicycle touring or any other kind of trip.

Radio interview with Jim Wilson on 2GB.

On Wedensday morning, at 11:50, I received a telephone call from the producer of 2GB’s Drive programme, asking whether I’d like to do a radio interview with host Jim Wilson, to talk about my plans to cycle from Fremantle to Bondi Beach, between March and May next year. Of...

A four day ride.

** Due to scorchingly hot weather over the weekend, this ride will now not be going ahead. ** From the 27th to the 30th of November, provided that the weather is ok (ie: not pouring rain or scorchingly hot), I plan to set off on a four day ride from Greta (up past Maitland) to North...

You’ve got to have a ‘Plan C’

Planning an 11 week ride, for my long service leave next year, in the age of Covid-19, requires a bit of guesswork – not to mention trying to look into the future. However, as I’m not a Time Lord, I don’t have the means of time travel. Nearly two months ago, when I wrote...