15th July, 2024
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Trip Planning

This category covers trip planning, whether it be for bicycle touring or any other kind of trip.

Happy New Year (and some upcoming plans)!

Happy New Year, everyone! 2016 has been a rather interesting year. In September, I had planned to do a bicycle ride to Melbourne, arriving in time for the AFL Grand Final, called the Purple and Pink Ride. As most of my readers know, I had to abandon on the second day, due to suffering a...

Purple and Pink Ride: Sydney to Melbourne

Just over six months ago, after attending a footy match at the MCG, I decided that I would ride from Spotless Stadium, in Sydney, to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), in Melbourne, to arrive in time for the 2016 AFL Grand Final. At that time, I had no real idea in mind of raising money...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2016 is going to be a year of firsts, for me. First of all, it will be the first time I’ll be riding for any decent distance, over a period of several days (it will, in fact, be over a period of two weeks!). Secondly, it will be the first time I’ll be...