27th May, 2024
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A cold start to the day!

Cycle Against the Beast – 2017

Day 10 – 29th May, 2017

Culcairn (09:50)
51.84 km
17.8 km/h
Albury (14:00)
529.74 km

I woke up to a very cold 3 degrees. Suffice to say, I wasn’t about to get going, just yet. I decided on a check-out near 10:00. Even then, it was still only 6 degrees. I only had about 50 km to cycle, today, so tried to take my time. So, after about 10 km of cycling, I stopped at a level crossing, to see if any trains were coming. And, sure enough, after waiting for only about 5 minutes, one came along.

NR64 heads up a coil train, at Benambra Road level crossing, Cornalla.

During this ride, I’ve passed through some very small towns. So small, blink and you miss them. The town of Gerogery is a very small place indeed. But I still stopped for a few photos.

Approaching Gerogery
Approaching Gerogery
The countryside around Gerogery

Halfway to Albury, I crossed the railway line at Five Mates Crossing overpass. I stopped and checked the railway signals, and found that the Sydney-bound signal was at clear (green). So, I waited around to see if anything would come along.

Five Mates Crossing overpass, Eastfield
Taken from Five Mates Crossing overpass, Eastfield

Sure enough, after about half an hour’s waiting, the daytime XPT service, from Melbourne to Sydney, made an appearance. Anyone that knows me, knows that railways are a major interest of mine – and has been for many years.

Melbourne to Sydney daytime XPT service, from Five Mates Crossing overpass, Eastfield

Seeing what I wanted to see, I hopped on my bike again. A few km down the road, I saw the signs for the Hume Highway – which I left a couple of days before. Yay. More riding on the motorway! At least the hard shoulder is quite good.

Approaching the Hume Highway, Kambah

I don’t mind riding on the motorway, to be honest. At least, in rural areas. Country drivers tend to be much more accommodating to cyclists, than city drivers. About 8 km out of Albury, though, I turned off the motorway, and joined the local Albury Thurgoona Trail cycleway. This would take me pretty much all the way to my destination. It was nice to totally get off the roads for a while.

On the Albury Thurgoona Trail cycleway, Albury
On the Albury Thurgoona Trail cycleway, Albury

Now that I’ve arrived in Albury, and that there’s wet weather forecast, I’ve decided to take a rest day tomorrow. Not sure what I’ll do. But the rest is well-earned, I think!

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