Cycle Against the Beast – Day 15 (Corowa to Benalla) – Paying a visit to a bushranger

Back on the bike again! If I wanted warm weather, I certainly chose the wrong time of year to do this! However, in keeping with the Fight MND theme, it has certainly been a bit of a Big Freeze these last several days. After paying a quick visit to Macca’s, I set off just after 09:00. The aim – to reach Benalla by around 16:00. I bid farewell to my friend, and set off back over the Murray River.

Back into Victoria, after crossing the Murray River
Back into Victoria, after crossing the Murray River

Back into Victoria, after crossing the Murray River
Back into Victoria, after crossing the Murray River

Somewhere along the C375, I stopped to take a couple of photographs.

Dry weather road only
Dry weather road only

For the second photo, I decided to try and do something different. It kind of worked out.

Road surface of the C375
Road surface of the C375

One of a few towns, that I would be passing through, was Glenrowan. This town is notable for being Ned Kelly’s last stand. Ned Kelly was a bushranger, a thief, murderer, and so on.

Glenrowan - Ned Kelly country

Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly statue

A cup of tea later, it was time to cover the last 27 km to Benalla. This included the crossing of 11 Mile Creek. A typically Australian name for a creek or river. Thankfully, these names were never converted to metric!

The end of another fantastic day on the road. Tomorrow, it’s another 60 km, and, apart from a bump, it’s flat for most of the day to Shepparton.

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Date 3rd June, 2017
Distance 86.2 km
Ride time 4 hours, 46 minutes
Elapsed time 6 hours, 43 minutes
Average speed 18.1 km/h
Maximum speed 49.3 km/h
Altitude gain (alleged) 204 metres

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