Cycle Against the Beast – Day 17 (Shepparton to Seymour) – Finishing with a 4 km walk!

Today’s right was pretty simple – remain on the one road, all the way from Shepparton to Seymour. After about 15 km, the road became another motorway. Very nice, wide, hard shoulder, though. Even though the day called for mostly gaining elevation, it was a very gentle rise. It may as well have been flat ground.

Taking a short break
Taking a short break.

About halfway, I crossed the railway line near Wahring. I thought about waiting around, for the 20 minutes it would take for the next train to come along. However, I decided to push on.

No train this time!
No train this time!

I grabbed lunch, at a roadside service centre in Wahring. A nice steak sandwich, and a ginger beer. At the pace I was going, I expected to reach Seymour by easily 15:30.

Almost at Seymour!
Almost at Seymour!

However, with only 4 kilometres to go, I felt, and heard, a bang on the rear wheel. I thought I’d hit something. So, I stopped and walked back. Couldn’t find anything. But, of course, it was another blowout. Which is what the bang probably was. Who knows how it happened? Considering I’ve been riding on the motorway, for most of the day, I probably rode over something. At least it was only 4 km to go, and not 40. 🙂 I’m glad I’d decided to take a couple of rest days, over the next two days. I’ll have to visit the local bicycle shop tomorrow (which, I found, is just across from Seymour station).

Another blowout.
Another blowout.

Of course, the last 4 kilometres also included a nice downhill – right to where I was staying for the night. Would have been nice to end the day on that! Instead, I had to walk it.

Would have been a nice downhill to end the day with.
Would have been a nice downhill to end the day with

The next two days will be rest days. On the 8th of June, I’ll make the final 100km to the MCG.

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Date 5th June, 2017
Distance 80.1 km
Ride time 4 hours, 53 minutes
Elapsed time 6 hours, 51 minutes
Average speed 16.4 km/h
Maximum speed 34.9 km/h
Altitude gain (alleged) 155 metres

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