Cycle Against the Beast – Day 3 (Bowral to Goulburn) – No mechanicals today!

It was a very cold start to the day. I left Bowral at 07:30, this morning, and, suffice to say, it was freezing.

A foggy morning, passing through Burradoo

I made it as far as Moss Vale, before I decided to grab myself a bacon and egg roll. Quite tasty it, was too. I spent about 20 minutes, before pushing on. By mid-morning, I made it to Bundanoon. Bundanoon is notable as being the first ever Australian town to go bottled water free. There is no bottled water, in this town. However, they have public bubblers, where anyone can fill up their own bottles. Silly me didn’t take any pictures of them, though.

Bundanoon station

There was a lot of up and down hill. A pretty lumpy day, to be honest. At 11:00, I reached Wingello, and decided to have a cup of tea. Definitely needed!

Stopping at Wingello for a cuppa
Wingello Village Store

It was here, where I realised I was definitely going to make it to my destination for the day. I did have my doubts, when I left Moss Vale. Thankfully, after that, I was making some pretty good timing. At 13:00, it was lunch time – I’d made it to Marulan, after covering 62 kilometres. Pretty decent timing, in my opinion! For lunch, it was a slice of Quiche and a bottle of ginger beer.

Lunch at Marulan

After eating, I gave myself about half an hour waiting for it to settle. The next task was about 25 kilometres of cycling on the freeway. I must say, I’ve never cycled on a freeway before. In the end, it wasn’t too bad. The shoulder was nice and wide. The only real concern was making sure I didn’t ride over any debris. But all was good.

15 km until Goulburn

I made a final stop at the Derrick Rest Area, for about 15 minutes, before making the final push towards Goulburn.

Derrick Visitors Centre and Rest Area

After being on the road for eight and a half hours, 92 kilometres, and 830 metres gained, I finally made it to Goulburn – with no mechanicals!

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Date 22nd May, 2017
Distance 92.3 km
Ride time 5 hours, 22 minutes
Elapsed time 8 hours, 23 minutes
Average speed 17.2 km/h
Maximum speed 53.3 km/h
Altitude gain 910 metres
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