11th July, 2024
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Day 10: It wasn’t just the road that was flat.

Cycle Against the Beast – 2022

7th March, 2022

Lockhart (07:08)
33.39 km
18.7 km/h
Urana (09:10)
253.44 km

I was up before dawn. Before breakfast, I checked the tyre and it was not flat. Good to go! I had been reunited with Hannah, my cycling buddy from the last Pedal Cure ride from two years ago. We left just on dawn. Spirits were high, my bike was rolling along quite nicely – Berrigan was the destination of the day! When not cycling solo, you always have to keep in mind the comfort levels of others (such as speed, endurance, etc). However, that’s not generally something I have to worry about when cycling with Hannah. Our cycling styles are somewhat similar.

The road was nice and flat, with a slight downward trend. So, it was going to be a fairly good day. But 33 km in, just short of Urana, guess what? Another flat. It seems there were still issues, even with the replacement tube that went in last night. I’m pretty sure there was no tyre issue, as that had already been inspected. There appeared to be nothing that had made its way through the inner wall. It was all confusing. So, that was the end of today’s cycling. I could have replaced the tube. However, without knowing the cause, I didn’t want to replace it so quickly. Someone suggested it could have been the rim tape, but that seemed ok. Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll reach Albury. I’ll drop in to the Cycle Station and they can have a look at it. That meant no cycling tomorrow. So much for my 5,000 ride. 🙂 Due to the increased pace of this year’s ride, compared to two years ago, Hannah also jumped in the bus. Most of the day’s stages, this year, were to be completed by lunch time – which only added to frustrations.

There was no official function this evening, but the local Lions club put a dinner on for us. And they did well! They will also provide breakfast for us all tomorrow. Happy days!

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