18th April, 2024
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Day 11: A day in the bus.

Cycle Against the Beast – 2022

8th March, 2022

0 km
253.44 km

Today was going to be an easy day for me. Not necessarily by choice, either. I didn’t really want to ride my bike until I knew what the source was for these constant punctures. But at least the day started well. Breakfast was provided by the local Lions Club. Not bad, either! Shortly after, all cycling groups hopped on their bicycles and pedalled off. I headed for the bus. Hannah wasn’t too crash hot today, so also hopped on the bus.

The morning break was to be at Corowa. I’d cycled through Corowa before, back in 2017. I would also be returning through here in under a week as I ultimately make my way through to Melbourne. A short 20 minute stop and we were off again. As we left Corowa, we did a circuit of the town before crossing the border into Victoria. The last time I cycled along Barnawartha Road (C378), there was little traffic on the road. Today was a different story. I guess I was lucky the last time. Being in the bus, with a UHF radio, I got to listen to the chatter between the trucks and our support vehicle drivers. I must say, it was quite interesting.

After arriving in Albury, I went down to the Albury Cycle Station. to have my bike looked at. They said they’d call me and let me know what the issue was. 45 minutes later, I received a text message saying that it was ready to be picked up. Apparently it was the rim tape (plus a new tube). With that out of the way, we headed off to The Albury Club at their invitation. It’s a members only club, with rather formal dress codes. But there was no dress code for us today. After a few drinks, it was time to move on to the Commercial Club for the evening’s function. This evening, we were entertained by Patt Cunningham (one of the co-founders of FightMND) and 1993 Stawell Gift winner Jason Richardson (now a sports broadcaster with the Seven Network).

Tomorrow, it’s back on the bike!

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