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Day 12: Lockhart to Albury.

Pedal Cure 4 FightMND – 2020

10th March, 2020

Lockhart (07:08)
108.49 km
17.4 km/h
Albury (14:13)
6 hr 14 min
759.34 km

Hannah and I left at the crack of dawn, just after 07:00. The aim was to reach Albury as close as possible to lunch time, which is why we left so early. A little cool, but with a breeze coming from the right direction. The roads were very quiet, so traffic was not a problem. In fact, traffic hasn’t been a problem for the last few days. Since we left so early, it took a while for the other groups to catch up and overtake us. We were travelling along at a fairly decent pace. We arrived at the morning break site at Walbundrie. The others had dropped off at a coffee shop before setting out, which is why they ended up not catching up for a while.

Leaving Walbrundrie, we made another quick stop 20 km down the road at Burrombuttock (known locally as Burrum) to rest a little, before pushing on to Jindera. This is a small town just outside of Albury. While stopping off at one of the supermarkets, there was a bit of a disturbance. A woman came running in, citing abuse from someone that was following her. She seeked refuge in the supermarket, with the guy following in shortly after. Suffice to say, we hightailed it out of there as quickly as possible. The police were obviously called, as several kilometres down the road a police car was speeding, with lights on, in the opposite direction. Possibly things had escalated. But we had to press on.

Before reaching albury, we had a tough hill to climb. Not so much in altitude, but gradient. It was a very short but steep climb. But there was a reward on the other side – a 5 km downhill, which was much welcome! At the bottom of the hill, we met up with one of the support vehicles to guide us to our lunch spot. After lunch, we were driven to one of the sports grounds – the overnight stay. Tonight, though, I decided upon a motel room. I checked in, had a shower and then walked back to the sports ground. After a bit of relaxing, we headed off to one of the pubs where we had a few drinks and games of pool.

That evening, we had a function at the Commercial Club. Max Gawn, skipper for the Melbourne Demons, Suffice to say, it was a big draw card and the function was full of people. It was fantastic listening to Max. He is indeed a very tall person! At the end of the night, we were dropped off at the footy club where I walked off to my motel. Tomorrow will be another early start.

Header photo grabbed from a photo on Pedal Cure's Facebook page.

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