Day 16: Giving away a water bottle.

by Stephen

Cycle Against the Beast – 2022

13th March, 2022

0 km
385.96 km*

Today was always going to be a rest day, which I’d originally planned to spend at Ariah Park. I was then to proceed cycling on to possibly Lockhart (which would have made it a very long day) tomorrow. Instead, I accepted a lift down to Albury instead. This was when I was thinking of giving the whole bike ride up. I hitched a lift down to Albury with Allan Wood, owner of The Famous Australian Sign Company, who also participated in the Pedal Cure 4 MND ride.

After arriving in Albury, I found a motel to stay out. Not too badly priced and close enough to the city centre. I checked in, had lunch and then sat outside my room for a while. While there, some girl turned up and sat outside someone else’s room. I wasn’t sure if she was also a motel guest or someone that was homeless. After a while, she walked over and asked where some place in Albury was, She seemed to have no clue. Since I wasn’t a local, I advised that I had no idea. After a while, she walked off. I decided to look up Google Maps on my phone. By the name she gave, it was an area in Albury’s northern suburbs. I got on my bike and chased after her. I finally tracked her down. Apparently she’d been walking around for hours and hours. She appeared to have no phone (very rare in this day and age). I showed her, on the map, where it was and how to get there. As she had no water bottle, I just gave her one of my own. I hope she got to where she was trying to get to.

I then started looking for places to stay in Corowa. So, I looked up Warmshowers first. I found the profile of the only host in Corowa. However, the host preferred a 3-day advance notice. I sent of a message in the hope of a response. It didn’t take him long to reply. He was happy to host me at such short notice. I wandered off to a pub to have dinner and then turned in early for the night.

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