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A difficult decision.

Purple and Pink Ride

Day 2 – 18th September, 2016

Katoomba (06:28)
5.8 km
14.7 km/h
Medlow Bath (07:24)
0:24 (6:13)
83.9 km

It was a very early start. I wanted to get on the road as early as possible. I left the hostel at 06:30. By now, my cold had taken full hold of me. I kept pedalling on, nonetheless. Not long after leaving Katoomba, I passed the ‘Explorers Marked Tree’ – colloquially called Explorers Tree. Three 19th century Australian explorers, Blaxland, Lawson, and Wentworth, who achieved the first known successful crossing (by European settlers) of the Blue Mountains, carved their initials into this tree. The tree itself died back in the 1950s, but the stump remains.

Explorers Marked Tree.

The going just got tougher, as the minutes passed. I made it to Medlow Bath, and stopped outside the Hydro Majestic.

The Hydro Majestic.

The decision, that I made next, was a very difficult one. It was time to call quits on my ride to Melbourne, for the sake of my health. It was cold and wet, which would not have made a very good combination when dealing with what was now a very full-blown cold. Had I not had this cold, I would have pressed on. So, I proceeded to the station, which was just across the road.

This trip, or what I did of it, wasn’t a total waste, though. I did manage to raise a bit of money for both Epilepsy Australia and the McGrath Foundation. And, you can still make a donation to these very worthy charities. The appropriate links are:

Another thing I did learn, though, was that a mountain bike, for this kind of trip, is not exactly the most appropriate kind of bicycle to use. Next time, and there will definitely be a next time, I will use a different kind of bike – probably a road bike (as my current rides will generally be no longer than a duration of a couple of weeks).

Thanks for coming along!

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