Day 3: Katoomba to Lithgow. River Lett Hill – conquered!

by Stephen

Pedal Cure 4 FightMND – 2020

1st March, 2020

Katoomba (08:36)
37.92 km
15.6 km/h
Lithgow (14:16)
2 hr 26 min
175.71 km

After a restful night, still very satisfied from succeeding where I’d failed on two previous attempts at making it all the way to Katoomba, I set off around 08:30. It was going to be another fairly tough day of climbing. But there’d be some decent downhill before that. I stopped off by the Hydro Majestic, in Medlow Bath. This grand old hotel looks over the Megalong Valley, so I took a photograph.

Looking out over the Megalong Valley.

After leaving Medlow Bath, I carried on to Blackheath, where I dropped by a fish and chip shop and picked up a bacon and egg roll for breakfast. Just before 11:00, I passed through Mt. Victoria. This small town marks the western end of the Blue Mountains. It also marks the top of a valley, and a fantastically hair raising descent!

Steep downhill for the next 2.5 kilometres!

Once at the bottom, in Hartley Valley, with some very hot disc brakes, I paid a visit to the Lolly Bug. This is a wonderful sweet shop. As well as sweets, they also serve a wonderful hot chocolate! Instead of just passing by, if you happen to be heading this way, stop and pay a visit. It’s well worth it! With the downed hot chocolate, I moved on. I decided not to pay a visit to the Historic Hartley Village this time, after having been there in October. I decided to press on and begin the tough climb up River Lett Hill. This is a very steep hill, in some ways even steeper than the other side of the valley down from Mt. Victoria. Suffice to say, I decided to push the bike up. Last time, I gave up and a guy in a ute took me up the rest of the way. This time, I was determined to make it up under my own power.

The Historic Hartley Village, looking down from halfway up River Lett Hill.

I’m pleased to say that I made it up all the way. Another tough ascent conquered where I had previously failed. After a quick visit to see a friend, who is an Anglican minister at a local church, I ended the day just a little further down the road. Another day done!

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