27th May, 2024
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Day 5: Bathurst to Dunkeld.

Pedal Cure 4 FightMND – 2020

3rd March, 2020

Bathurst (08:05)
11.57 km
14.8 km/h
Dunkeld (09:58)
0 hr 44 min
250.66 km

Today, I had planned to cycle on to Bathurst. About a couple of hours into the day, which was slow going, the weather was starting to turn rather quickly. At Dunkeld, I called it quits and started flagging down vehicles (in two different locations). It took a while, but eventually someone in a ute was kind enough to stop and give me a lift into Orange. After parting ways at Orange railway station, I headed to the pub I was staying for the night. Within minutes, it started raining and never stopped for the rest of the day. Definitely a good decision! Had I not been on a deadline, I would have just put a pin on a map and hitch a lift back there and reconnect my route. However, I only had a few days to make it to Ungarie. Unfortunately, no photographs were taken today.

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