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Day 6: Bound for Temora

Cycle Against the Beast – 2022

3rd March, 2022

Cootamundra (07:46)
57.91 km
20 km/h
Temora (12:14)
187.44 km

I checked out of the motel at 07:45. The weather was clear skies. A nice change from the last several days. It was going to be nice to get back on the bike again. I stopped by ‘Coffee on Cooper’ for a coffee, before moving on. But first I had to refill my water bottles. The fountain in the town centre wasn’t working. So, I moved on to the local oval. Thankfully, that one was working. All refilled, I left town cycling past the house Australian legendary cricketer Don Bradman was born in.

The house Don Bradman was born in.

After climing the big hill of the day, my bike felt a little wobbly. I knew what that meant – a flat. After pumping it up, I determined that it was another slow leak. There must be something on the inside of the tyre that’s causing it. The pressure held, so I got on my bike again. About half an hour later, I reached the small town of Stockinbingal. I stopped at what I thought was the general store, as that’s what it said on the sign out front. It turned out to be possibly a museum. Less than 50 metres along the road, I found somewhere to buy a cold, sugary drink. The tyre pressure had dropped again, so I pumped it up confident that I’d be able to reach Temora without having to repair it. I only had to cover another 35 km.

Speeding along. Entering Temora Shire.

The pace I was travelling at was faster than I expected, regularly exceeding 25 km/h. It wasn’t long until I reached a rest stop 15 km from Temora. I chose to refill my water bottles. A quick pump of the rear tyre, I carried on. 40 minutes later, I arrived at Temora. I made my way to the local bowlo for a cold beer and lunch, before checking in at the Shamrock Hotel.

Arriving at Temora.

After checking in, I went to the bar and spent a couple of hours there. I then made my way to the old railway station. The line is still in use, but nothing came by. I then went to the bowlo for dinner, before retiring for the night back at the hotel – complete with loud music.

A fountain at Callaghan Park.

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