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Day 6: Orange to Cudal

Pedal Cure 4 FightMND – 2020

4th March, 2020

Orange (07:41)
39.56 km
23.4 km/h
Cudal (09:38)
1 hr 41 min
290.22 km

Today was going to be a fast day. With only a few short uphill stretches, it was going to be mostly a downhill day. I expected it would only take a few hours. I set off from the pub and made my way out of town via The Escort Way, which goes from Orange to Forbes (more on Forbes in the next post). After half an hour, having covered most of my uphill stretches, which weren’t really all that bad, I passed a cool climate vineyard named Swinging Bridge.

Cool climate vineyard
Cabonne Country – Welcome

If the weather didn’t look suspect, which it currently was, I might have checked to see whether they’d be open. However, with light rain already falling, I decided to press on. One more small ascent and it was then downhill, or flat, for the rest of the morning’s ride. Definitely a nice change! An hour later, I reached the intersection with Henry Parks Way. At this location, there is a monument to an explorer named Sir Thomas Mitchell who began several expeditions from this point. More information about this cairn can be found here.

Parkes turnoff.
A momument to Sir Thomas Mitchell

And, before I knew it, I was rolling in to Cudal. An hour sooner than I expected. This resulted in pretty much a full rest day. Can’t complain about that! I checked in to The Platypus Motel, and then spent much of the day in the Platypus Cafe chatting to people and watching the rain fall.

Cudal. Home of the Platypus.

The day wasn’t over quite yet, though. The rain came down heavier and I knew it would not be safe to ride on to Forbes tomorrow. If I had no deadline, I’d stay for another day to wait out the rain. However, I had to reach Ungarie in a couple of days time. So, a request was put out to see whether anyone could give me a lift to Forbes. After a couple of hours, I received a firm offer and met him at the Cudal Bowling Club. The offer was accepted. I stayed around at the bowlo for a few hours chatting. After that, I turned in for the evening.

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