15th July, 2024
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Day 7: A lazy day in Temora.

Cycle Against the Beast – 2022

4th March, 2022

0 km
187.44 km

Today, I’m moving from my room in the motel at the rear, to one of the rooms in the hotel itself. They said that would take about an hour to prepare, which gave me enough time to find a bacon and egg roll. I wandered down the main street and came across a café and ordered a bacon and egg roll with a mug-sized mocha.

Hoskins Street, Temora.

With breakfast done, I went back to the hotel and moved rooms. It was then time to start working on the rest of my blog posts up until yesterday. This took much of the afternoon. I then decided to walk around a bit. It didn’t take me long to find myself walking down to the railway line. No trains came through, but I wandered around the old station. Temora used to have a rail service, but that was withdrawn a number of years ago. The area outside the old station now has a free camp area, but only for those with self-contained facilities (ie: no tents, only caravans and motorhomes). It was off to the bowling club for dinner and then back to the hotel.

I check out tomorrow morning. Tomorrow evening, I’ll be staying at the local AFL footy club.

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