18th June, 2024
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My favourite touring cyclists on YouTube

Over the last several years (and very much still now), I’ve gained a lot of inspiration from bicycle touring videos on YouTube. Below are some of my favourites.

Iohan Gueorguiev

Iohan wanted to see the world by bicycle, travelling wherever the trail took him. His visit to Tuktoyaktuk, a hamlet in the Northwest Territories of Canada, inspired me to start my round the world bicycle trip from there in a few years time.

Ed Pratt

Several years ago, Ed completed a round the world trip – not by bicycle, but by unicycle. After leaving from a small village in Somerset, Ed’s route took him across Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, the United States, before cycling back to Somerset from Edinburgh. Along the way, he was raising funds for School in a Bag – one of the charities I’ll be cycling for on my round the world bicycle trip.

Jin – Cycling Around the World

Over ten years ago, Jin started cyling around the world. She started in San Francisco and went down through the Americas, before going further afield. She didn’t start putting up videos on YouTube until a bit later, concentrating mostly on blogging. Her videos started out quite short, but started getting longer over time. Short or long, though, the videos were quite inspirational.

Wheels to Wander

Eric and Maudi, a Dutch couple, left on their round the world bicycle trip in mid-2018. After crossing Europe and Asia (with a quick detour via Oman), their journey was cut short by Covid in early 2020. After returning home to the Netherlands, they set off again a couple of years later and have since cycled through the United Kingdom, Spain, Iceland and Morocco, with further destinations planned.

Louisa & Tobi (formerly Chains & Chords)

Louisa & Tobi began their trip in June 2021, while a lot of Covid restrictions would have still been in force. After crossing Europe to Turkey, they flew to Florida and rode across the United States. From there, they went down through Mexico and ended up in Ushuaia in Argentina. They are now currently touring Australia.