18th June, 2024
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I wouldn’t mind taking a boat!

Crossing the Ocean.

When I do my round the world bicycle trip, which I’ll be starting in just over two years time, I want to take as few flights as possible. However, when it comes to crossing oceans, alternative options can somewhat be limited – particularly in the age of the aeroplane, when you have a bicycle along for the ride.

One ocean I’d really love to cross, without having to fly over it, is the South Atlantic Ocean – I want to use surface transport from South America to South Africa. Cargo ship is probably not an option, as it can be much more expensive than airlines and cruise ships. And most don’t allow passengers, these days, anyhow. So, this leaves private vessels as being the only possible option.

My plan is to make my way down through the Americas, from Vancouver, Canada, all the way down to Ushuaia, Argentina, and then back up to São Luis, Brazil. From there, I hope to pick up a sailing boat, or other private vessel, and hitch a ride across to Cape Town, South Africa. Surely there must be private vessels that would be happy to take someone with a bicycle! At least I have a few years to arrange that.

In the end, I may well end up having to fly – but I’d rather not! An adventure on the open seas would certainly be one to remember!

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