Below are links to some of my favourite travel blogs & websites that I love keeping track of!

Bicycle bloggers & tourers:
Arctic Cycler (First blog entry)
Budgie Escapee (First blog entry)
CYCLICLE – London to Australia by Bicycle via World (First blog entry)
Cycling Around the World (First blog entry)
Cycling the Globe (First blog entry)
Jeremy Scott (No blog)
LA2RAD (First blog entry)
Marge on a Bike – From Canada to Argentina (First blog entry)
Pikes on Bikes (First blog entry)
Riding Cyclette (First blog entry)
Spinning South (First blog entry)
Twisting Spokes (First blog entry)
Unscripted Ride (First blog entry)

Other travel bloggers:
Buddy the Traveling Monkey (First blog entry)
The Kay Days (First blog entry)
Plus Ultra (First blog entry)
Travel with G (First blog entry)

Other travel websites.
The Adventure Junkies
Palin’s Travels
Pedal Buddies
The Man in Seat 61

Fight MND

Other websites.
Veechoy: Virginia Choy was happy enough to turn my logo sketches into reality! Virginia is a graduate of Sydney’s University of Technology. She has worked with people from a variety of industry groups – a toy company, a youth organisation, independent music artist, and an environmental sustainability company

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  1. […] I started to find myself reading travel blogs of those who are, or had, pedalling around the world, such as Thomas’ Cycling the Globe, and Jin’s Cycling around the World – now my two favourite blogs. To see some other cycling blogs I follow, check out my Links page. […]


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