18th June, 2024
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Major changes to my blog structure

Today I have made some major changes to the structure of my blog. I have decided to separate things a little.

Bicycle travels.

My bicycle travels – past, present, and future – will remain on www.rtw.bike. I had originally thought of only including multi-day bicycle tours. However, I’ve decided to add in one day rides also. Even though not really tours, they do play a part in my future tours – domestic and abroad.

Non-bicycle travels.

My non-bicycle travels have been moved to a previous domain name: athousandmiles.net. This will include rail travels and any other kind of travels which do not focus on bicycle touring.

Why have I done this?

I did this to make things a little easier for you – the reader. Not everyone is interested in bicycle travels and not everyone is interested in rail (or general) travels. You can choose which type of travel to read. If course, I’d love you to read both. But as my future focus is centred on bicycle travels, which will draw interest from that community, I thought it best that my bicycle touring blog not be bogged down by general travels.

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