Moon (Yuehu) Lake (月湖)

by Stephen

Moon lake is located just to the west of Ningbo’s CBD (Central Business District). Moon Lake was actually one of two lakes – the other being Sun Lake (which no longer exists) – located within the city’s walls. From north to south, it measures about 1 km. So, a leisurely walk can easily take a couple of hours.

Northern end of Moon Lake
Northern end of Moon Lake
Moon Lake

Moon Lake is a very popular spot for locals and tourists alike. A common sight is people dancing, doing tai chi, or just playing the flute.

Dancing, tai chi, etc
Two men playing flutes

As I approached the end of my walk through Moon Lake, I came across a Herbalife promotion! I seemed to have been quite the attraction, as one of the Herbalife girls (her English name, Victoria), wished to have a photograph of her taken with me.

A gathering of people promoting diet shakes
Me and a local girl

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SueT唐 梦 琇 22nd October, 2015 - 10:54

Beautiful photos Stephen. I lived in China for three years but did not make it to Ningbo..but I have been several times to Zhejiang – but what a shame I didn’t make it to Ningbo.

Stephen 22nd October, 2015 - 10:58

Thanks for the comment, Sue! I do like Ningbo, but I am a little biased. 🙂 But, you now at least have an excuse to visit there again. 🙂


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