27th May, 2024
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On the Way Home with a New Bicycle

Today was a day of beginnings. Today, I picked up a new bicycle. Will it be the bicycle that I take around the world with me? Probably not. It’s just an entry level mountain bike. However, its purpose is to get me back in to cycling – something that I haven’t done, regularly, for over 20 years. In the intervening time, I have twice ridden a bike – once down to the local doctor, while living in Manchester, and then a couple of years ago in Sydney’s west (the day’s ride I didn’t even complete). Over the next five years, I intend to do a lot of cycling.  On the way home, I took a few pictures. πŸ™‚

The old Pyrmont Bridge.
The ANZAC Bridge – from the City end.
ANZAC memorial.
The ANZAC Bridge – from the Lilyfield end.
The old Lilyfield Road bridge.
New bike.
Sydney (11:45)
13.9 km
12.9 km/h
North Strathfield (13:16)
8th May, 2015

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