25th May, 2024
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Planned route for Wheely Big Bike Trip

The planned, round the world trip route

Here is my planned, round the world route. Like all things, it’s subject to change, and it most definitely will. I’ve decided to create a route for one reason – to give me the freedom and flexibility to modify, ignore parts, or just abandon it totally.

I will be starting my trip in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada. Then it’s North and South America, the top of Africa (Morocco), before moving on to the UK & Europe, Asia and then back to Australia. I have also included a pre-Wheely Big Bike Trip ride from Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX to Washington, DC. I will then make my way to Tuk by means of train and other transportation modes.

It will probably take me a couple of years to cycle through North and South America. But I can’t really guess how long it will take for me to cycle through Europe (including the UK & Ireland), Asia, and, finally, Australia (Darwin to Sydney). The trip will end at Bondi Beach. The start date for the Wheely Big Bike Trip has now been set for the 1st of June, 2026. Covid-19 (and a few unexpected medical procedures) had totally screwed up my budgets and time frames. The pre-ride, however, from Dallas-Ft. Worth to Chicago will start at the end of 2025. So, it’s only a six month delay as far as cycling goes. But since it’s not continuous, it’s not part of the WBBT.

The embedded map proved too large for mobile users to load, so I’ve decided to include a screenshot of it instead. If you’re game to try and load it on a mobile device, or you’re on a desktop or laptop, then give it a go. It will take up to half a minute to load.

Planned round the world bicycle trip.

Route breakdown