Purple and Pink Ride

What is the Purple and Pink Ride?

The Purple and Pink Ride is a series of charity rides, that I do, to raise funds and awareness of two of the charities that I support:

The inaugural ride was attempted in September, 2016. The aim was to ride from Spotless Stadium, in Sydney’s west, to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), in Melbourne. It was intended that I would arrive in time for the 2016 AFL Grand Final, on the 1st of October. Unfortunately, on Day 2, I had to withdraw due to a very bad cold. It would have been lunacy to carry on. Doing so, due to miserable weather conditions, would probably have landed me in hospital. 🙂

Why Purple and Pink?

Epilepsy charities and foundations, around the world, tend to use the colour purple as their colour of awareness. Whereas breast cancer charities and foundations tend to use pink. As a result, I considered it a no-brainer that it should be called the Purple and Pink Ride. Ok, maybe not very imaginative. But it definitely sounds catchy. 🙂

Why these two charities?

  • Epilepsy Australia – Having suffered a few seizures myself, fundraising for this charity was a no-brainer (no pun initially intended!). Epilepsy is not very well understood by the general population, and many people freak out when witnessing one. As a result, it’s often viewed with a stigma. However, it’s more common than many people think. About 1 in 10 people, at some time in their lives, will experience a seizure. While not everyone of those people will be ultimately diagnosed with epilepsy, it’s still a considerable number. High profile people, with epilepsy, include: actor Hugo Weaving, AFL footballer Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, and rugby league footballer Wally Lewis.
  • The McGrath Foundation – Choosing this charity was partly due to my love of cricket. It is their vision to see all families, experiencing breast cancer, to have access to a breast care nurse, wherever they may be in Australia. And it’s not just women who get breast cancer, either. Men, also, can be diagnosed with breast cancer. It costs AU$380,000, for three years, to fully fund a breast care nurse. I hope to be able to help contribute to that by fundraising and raising awareness.

How can I donate?

Fundraising pages will be linked from the appropriate posts. For example: Purple and Pink Ride: Sydney to Melbourne. This is the specific post announcing the 2016 Purple and Pink Ride, and links to the fundraising pages can be found towards the end.

Will these rides only be in Australia?

Definitely not. When I do my around the world bicycle trip, I will continue raising funds and awareness for these two charities – regardless of the country I’m in.


Thank you for reading.
Together, we can all make a difference.

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