18th June, 2024
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Quick update: 11/08/2018 (plus the results from an attempt at video editing, of the first parts of last year’s ride to Melbourne)

Just thought I’d provide a quick update, as I haven’t posted anything for a while. Just to let you all know that I’m still alive and kicking! There’s not really anything additional to report, at the moment. Had a couple of crashes. 1. Cycled into a chainlink fence that appeared out of nowhere. 2. Came off my bike when a cycle lane suddenly ended (that was a little sorer, that one!), on one Thursday night. Apart from a few scratches and bruises, from the second crash, I was let off quite lightly.

It’s hard to believe that it’s now less than two and a half years (just under) until I start my round the world bicycle trip, fundraising for FightMND. I will be starting in Queenstown, New Zealand. I chose New Zealand, as the starting point, due to the fact of never having visited there before. And, since I have to get on a plane, to begin with, I thought, why not there? I’m doing another Sydney to Melbourne bicycle ride, for FightMND, in 14 months time (starting 12th October, from the SCG to the MCG). For the planned route, click on the image below.

Until then, I have a few things I need to pick up – a multi-fuel stove, front racks, a ‘rack pack’ for the rear, a satellite tracker (like a Spot, or something similar), and probably replace my handlebars with something that provides a little more real estate (for putting things on) than the ones I currently have.

A couple of weeks ago, I put together a compilation video (my first real attempt at using Adobe Premiere Pro!) of two (and only) recorded segments of my first day’s ride to Melbourne last year. It is a little amateurish, so there is definitely room for improvement!

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