12th July, 2024
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RTW Draft Itinerary

The planned, round the world trip itinerary

Here is my planned, round the world itinerary. Like all things, it’s subject to change, and it most definitely will. I’ve decided to create an itinerary for one reason – to give me the freedom and flexibility to modify, ignore parts, or just abandon it totally.

I will be starting my trip from inside the Arctic Circle in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada. Then it’s North and South America, the top of Africa (Morocco), before moving on to the UK & Europe, Asia and then back to Australia.

It will probably take me a couple of years to cycle through North and South America. But I can’t really guess how long it will take for me to cycle through Europe (including the UK & Ireland), and Asia. The trip will end, after the final leg from Perth, at Bondi Beach. The start date has now been set for the 1sts of June, 2025. Covid-19 had totally screwed up my budgets and time frames.

I’ve put together a series of maps, with proposed routes, which are linked below (each opens in a new tab/window).

NB: Due to the length of the plotted routes, the maps will take a while to load.

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