15th July, 2024
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RTW Planning – Cycling throughout Europe

(This post was written long before I decided to travel around the world by bicycle. I have kept the post, for historical purposes. At the time the post was originally written, the idea was to spend a much shorter time, travelling by trains, buses, ferries, and so on)

In my younger years, I regularly rode a bicycle. Whether that was to school, or for fun on the weekends. As I grew older, and, more likely, lazier, my bicycle saw less and less use. As I continue to plan for my round the world trip, I’ve been considering some of the ways in making my way through Europe. Most people that know me, know that train is by far my favourite way to travel.

SBB class RABe 523, number 523 012-3, at Zug, Switzerland. 13th June, 2005.

Lately, however, my thoughts have been more directed at cycling instead. I’ve now come to the decision that this will be one of my primary means of travel, in conjunction with travelling by train. A perfect partnership, in my opinion. Use trains for the longer distances, and the bicycle for the shorter distances and passing through towns and villages that may be a little far off the railway network. Many of Europe’s trains allow for the transportation of bicycles. Now, while this may not be possible on high speed trains, such as France’s TGV, or Germany’s ICE, there are a large number of regional and local trains that do cater for bicycles. As far as ground transport is concerned, there’s nothing quite like the freedom of using your own legs to power your means of movement, and to give you the power of taking things at your own pace. It’s time I bought myself a bicycle, and to get used to riding them again!

A girl riding through Amsterdam. 2nd July, 2004.

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