26th May, 2024
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Tag - CAtB 2021

These tagged posts refer to anything to do with Cycle Against the Beast 2021 – planning posts, posts during the ride, and follow up posts.

Radio interview with Jim Wilson on 2GB.

On Wedensday morning, at 11:50, I received a telephone call from the producer of 2GB’s Drive programme, asking whether I’d like to do a radio interview with host Jim Wilson, to talk about my plans to cycle from Fremantle to Bondi Beach, between March and May next year. Of...

You’ve got to have a ‘Plan C’

Planning an 11 week ride, for my long service leave next year, in the age of Covid-19, requires a bit of guesswork – not to mention trying to look into the future. However, as I’m not a Time Lord, I don’t have the means of time travel. Nearly two months ago, when I wrote...