18th June, 2024
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Happy New Year, for 2019!

Happy new year, to one and all, for 2019! For 2018, I didn’t fit in as much cycling as I’d hoped for – didn’t even breach the 1000 km mark! This was partly due to my coming off my bike, around mid-2018, and giving it a break for a couple of months. 2019, though...

2017 in review, and only three years to go!

Wow. What a great year 2017 was, in terms of travel. Mostly one set of travels, really! I am, of course, referring to my Cycle Against the Beast bicycle ride from Sydney to Melbourne, for Fight MND (previously, known as the Cure for MND Foundation. This was the first time I’d ridden...

I made it!

Cycle Against the Beast – 2017 Day 20 – 8th June, 2017 Seymoud (08:09) 100.4 km 19.9 km/h Melbourne Cricket Ground (15:57) 6:48 916.74 km Today, like most mornings over the last couple of weeks, was quite cold. It was also foggy. Not too much above 0 celsius. Still, I had a...