18th April, 2024
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A soggy start

Cycle Against the Beast – 2019 Day 1 – 5th October, 2019 Sydney Cricket Ground (07:31) 75.82 km 14.6 km/h Blaxland (15:48) 5:13 75.82 km The day has arrived – with lots of heavy rain! My second Cycle Against the Beast bicycle ride for FightMND. To donate, please go to: A...

Happy New Year, for 2019!

Happy new year, to one and all, for 2019! For 2018, I didn’t fit in as much cycling as I’d hoped for – didn’t even breach the 1000 km mark! This was partly due to my coming off my bike, around mid-2018, and giving it a break for a couple of months. 2019, though...