15th July, 2024
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Unfinished business. Decision made.

For the last month, I’ve been wondering where to spend some time cycling next year. Ideas ranged from Cycling from Sydney to Warrnambool (southwest of Melbourne), cycling from Sydney to Hobart, or cycling from St. Louis to Washington, DC. All of these options are very appealing. The option I have decided upon, though, is cycling from Kyle of Lochalsh, in the highlands of Scotland, and taking a wiggly waggly route down to Buckingham Palace*.

Trains at London King’s Cross

The plan is to fly in to London Heathrow, re-assemble my bike, and cycle into London. After spending the night at a hostel – probably Wombat’s City Hostel, where I’ve stayed several times before – I’ll then catch the train up to Kyle of Lochalsh, which will take about two days (overnighting in Edinburgh).

Kyle of Lochalsh station.

After a further night in Kyle of Lochalsh, I’ll hop on my bike and start pedalling down to London. I intend to arrive around four and a half weeks later. Below is a map of the route I plan to take (subject to any minor changes).

What’s this about unfinished business? Last year, if you recall, I’d planned on cycling from Kyle down to London as the second half of a 5,000 km bicycle trip (the first half was in Australia) during my long service leave. A close call with a couple of trucks put an end to that, unsettling me quite a fair bit (I have since regained my confidence).

All I need to do now is to buy a new bicycle.

*This is by no means a guarantee. I could still change my mind and choose one of my other options!

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