11th July, 2024
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The Wheely Big Bike Trip

Why am I doing this?

I will be setting off on an around the world bicycle trip, with a projected start date of the 1st of June, 2026 (new delay, due to unexpected medical expenses). This trip will span all continents, with the exception of Antarctica. I doubt that I’ll ever have the money to make the trip down there – unless someone’s willing to sponsor me, that is! Apart from doing this trip for the fun of it (why do it otherwise), I will be cycling for three organisations: FightMND, School in a Bag, and the Melanoma Institute of Australia.

Fight MND: An Australian foundation at the forefront of funding research into finding a cure of Motor Neurone Disease (MND), also known as Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It is a degenerative disease which attacks the neurones (nerve cells) that control muscles that allow us to move around, swallow and even breath. It’s a terminal disease for which there is currently no cure. There are also no truly effective treatments. There is a cure out there, but it has to be found. To do that, money is always required to fund the necessary research.

School in a Bag: This is a British charity which provides rucksacks, containing school supplies, to disadvantaged school children around the world, regardless of race, religion or politics. Each rucksack contains exercise books, pencils, ruler, eating utensils and a water bottle. The contents varies, depending on the location and need of children. Each rucksack costs £20.

Melanoma Institute of Australia: The MIA is a national affiliated network of researchers and clinicians, who are at the forefront of global advances in melanoma research and treatment. Early 2023, I had a couple of moles cut out of my scalp. The pathology results came back positive, indicating the beginnings of a melanoma. As a result, the work carried out by the Melanoma Institute of Australia has a personal connection. I was lucky – so many aren’t. Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world and melanoma is the worst of all skin cancers. I encourage everyone to have an annual skin check. It may save your life!

To view my proposed route, just pop on over to my planned route page. It is still a work in progress and it will change over time. At some stage in the future, I will have more information (including how to donate). So, please stay tuned!