15th July, 2024
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Where does the road go?

It’s amazing how quickly things are changing lately. Earlier this month, I wrote about dropping my Manchester to Rome ride, in favour of a ride around New South Wales and Victoria, due to increasing restrictions as a resurgence of Covid marches its way across Europe. Previous to that, I’ve been skeptical that the Western Australia hard border would drop any time soon. They have now announced that the hard border will be dropping on the 5th of February. You know what this means? It means Cronulla to Fremantle is back on the cards!

I will, however, be keeping the New South Wales and Victoria route as a backup – just in case!

Both options share a common route for about the first 2,670 km, up until Stawell. From there, the two routes diverge. The route that I ultimately take will depend on whether the Western Australia border really does open on the 5th of February. At this point, I’m hopeful that it will.

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